Homeric Hymns translated by Srah Rudenorder

Homeric Hymns

The abduction of Persephone, the birth of Apollo, Aphrodite’s most entertaining seduction, and other Greek myths were set down in these winsome versions during the centuries after Homer.

“Sarah Ruden’s translation is clear, lean, intelligent, and delightfully readable. The notes provide guidance without encumbering the text. This will be marvelous for classroom use, for reading aloud, or simply for reading for pleasure.”

“Now dressed in every kind of gorgeous garment
And gold-festooned, fun-loving Aphrodite
Left fragrant Cyprus—straight to Troy she headed.
High in the clouds she made a speedy journey
To Ida (rich in springs, mother of wild things)
And walked across the mountain to the shelter.
A rush of bears and fast, deer-gobbling leopards,
Gray wolves, and bright-eyed lions fawned around her.
She had a look at these and found them charming.
She tossed some lust to make the whole assortment
Pair off and do it in the shadowy coverts.
But on she went and reached the well-built shanties
At the camp and found Anchises on his own there,
A hero with god-derived good looks. The others
Were out escorting cows through grassy pastures—
All of them. They had left him by himself there.”

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