Sarah Ruden is the world's leading translator of the ancient literature of the West. In a career spanning both essential Greek and Roman Classics and sacred literature, she has set new standards for accuracy, stylistic integrity, and accessibility. Her work, including cultural and human-right journalism, is deeply concerned with questions of power and truth, in accordance with her Quaker faith. She has won Guggenheim, Whiting, and Silvers grants, and numerous other awards.

Sarah Ruden
the gospels translated by sarah ruden
Modern Library. Publish Date: March 16, 2021

The Gospels: a new translation by Sarah Ruden

In this remarkable new translation of the Gospels, Sarah Ruden treats the books of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John with unprecedented precision, uniquely concentrating on the original words and sensitively reflecting on their historical and literary context, to give us the most accessible version of the text available to date. Stripping away the accretions of later theology and pedantry that cover standard English editions of the Bible, this masterful translation presents each Gospel as a narrative that can be read clear through and understood on its own terms. In her skillful and illuminating introduction, Ruden explains where the Gospels came from, how their forms evolved, and how they set about revolutionizing world thought. Succinct yet illuminating footnotes and a discursive glossary explain the many word choices that depart from the traditional ones. The result is a striking and persuasive reappraisal of the “good news” of the Gospels.

An extraordinary feat of scholarship and understanding, Sarah Ruden’s welcoming new translation is a ground on which a great variety of readers can meet, forming the basis for new debate, discussion, and inspiration for years to come.

the gospels translated by sarah ruden
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